We do our best to protect the environment and to reduce our carbon footprint. We are also very aware that we are providing a special place for people to have a break, and luxuriating in a shower or bath, or having a wood fire in winter are part of that. We are also very constrained by Government regulations which require more and more clearing around our buildings in the name of fire protection. Unfortunately they also seem powerless to stop the destruction of trees on rural properties around us which are earmarked for residential development.

Water and water conservation:

All your waste water is treated and used on our citrus trees. No potable water is wasted on lawns in summer. Water is collected from all rooves.

Climate Control:

Cottages are very well insulated in ceilings and walls (double brick) so they retain the day’s warmth in winter and are cooler in summer. Verandahs all round and shade screens cut down the effect of the afternoon sun. Use of louvre windows for natural air flow and trees to screen the sun.

Coal generated Energy:

A minimum of road and feature lighting. Instant gas and solar hot water systems. Efficient A/C. Front loading washing machine. Extensive use of compact fluro lights and the latest LED technology. 7.2 kW Solar Power ground mount system installed.

Carbon Miles:

We try to choose products that are produced locally, particularly wine! Transporting products from around the world contributes to CO2 levels. Buying locally made products is a great way to reduce adverse environmental impacts, while supporting the local economy.


Within the constraints of the Rural Fire Service requirements, there has been minimal destruction of the natural vegetation during the development of Billabong Moon.  Many hundreds of extra trees (Casuarina Glauca, wattle, Grevillea and other natives have been planted and appropriate regrowth encouraged.

Natural Habitat:

Birds native to the area nest around the buildings and on the island on the dam.  Some non-native species have been removed (namely Peacocks and Muscovy because they discouraged the natives).

The creek bed has been preserved and weed control measures are in place.

Minimal chemical fertiliser is used on the property in order to protect the waterways.

There is a large population of frogs of various species, and plenty of green ones. We often find it difficult to converse at night because of the sounds of the frogs. That is a good indication of a clean, well-balanced natural environment.

Household Waste:

Guests are encouraged to sort waste.  Paper and cardboard, glass and PET plastic are collected by contractors.  All other plastic, metal and packaging materiel is collected for the local Council weekly recycling service.

Kitchen food waste is composted in a compost bin.


We have chosen a commercial laundry service (Hunter Laundry & Dry Cleaning) that is committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Their regular upgrades to the latest technology have ensured that they minimise water usage with new washing and recycling hardware and new technology that reduces the energy requirement. 

Solar Panels

Solar Panels